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Welcome to Weather Stream

Precise, temporal and comprehensive data sets that improve the safety, security and prosperity of individuals and businesses worldwide.

Unparalleled Accuracy.    Superior Flexibility.    Reliable Outcomes.





Why Weather Stream?

Weather Stream’s proprietary access to advanced microwave radiometry—integrated with reliable third-party data sets within our state-of-the-art International Centre for Earth Data (ICED)—empowers the delivery of analysis ready, accurate and malleable datasets within minutes of observation. Through our platform, Weather Stream customers get timely, actionable insights requiring minimal processing in a device-agnostic, solutions- driven delivery model.


Weather Stream transforms the dependability, frequency and relevance of advanced weather and atmospheric data, revolutionizing how it can be used to improve weather forecasting and integrated with vertical market analytics systems to expand and improve accuracy of outcomes.

Serving Commercial, Institutional and Government Customers Around the World:

     *Insurance     *Aviation     *Maritime     *Agriculture     *Defense     *Public Safety